STEPHANIE: Phoebe cherished John, however, just after watching him betray their more often than once, she dumped your

Within their go out together even if, she’d actually seen John gather two time periods of women. During the each years, the guy old as much as 10 women simultaneously, three or four serious girlfriends, and lots of everyday relationship unofficially. When, you to woman do read, warn the complete category, and harem do implode. It’s similar to when a crawl cautiously creates the net. Once a storm blows it out, the newest crawl, unfazed, simply starts again. The email Suzanne delivered Phoebe was actually the 3rd “Hi folks, our sweetheart John’s good cheater” email address you to Phoebe got.

PHOEBE: It absolutely was gross. It had been extremely terrible. Also it is actually some staggering and they don’t need to end up being brilliant, they do not have to-be pretty, they don’t have to get skinny, they do not have to be anything. (more…)