Workcrew Scandinavia AB

Workcrew Scandinavia AB is the leading contracting building services and resources assignment and well as a recruiting agency for the construction industry. We offer qualified personnel for construction and building projects with a wide range of skills and expertise.

Workcrew is the most recent venture of the construction and building industry expert, Lukasz Zygnesrki, who established the company in 2018 leading a crew of 20 professionals. Now, in less than 3 years, the operation has a crew of more than 100.

Scandinavian level of quality they deserve

At Workcrew, we strive to offer our client contracting and building services of the highest quality at reasonable prices and with guaranteed satisfaction. Our expertise in numerous industries allows our professionals to offer the best solutions to our clients’ needs as well as creative ideas for those who are not sure about the potential of their spaces.

Founded in Laholm, Sweden, Workcrew prides itself in offering to all our clients the recognised Scandinavian level of quality they deserve, delivered by a team of experts in different trades, using the latest and modern techniques together with top-quality materials.

Passion and Flexibility

At Workcrew, we are unapologetically passionate about our work, our company and our clients. Only with passion are we capable of producing the best results and having fun working at the same time. We are adaptable and strive to cater to the requirements, needs and wishes of our clients, as we have learnt that in order to satisfy our clients and realise their vision, we must be flexible and understanding.

Superb Value for Money

It is our objective and focus to produce the best results at the standard of quality we are proud of, while balancing the costs. We firmly believe that savings must not be achieved by sacrificing quality; our approach is far more reliant on our optimisation in the way we work, the materials we use, our foresight and our attention to details.


Each member of our team is responsible for their specific field of expertise and will deliver the exact task assigned to them with the high-quality standard we have set as a company. When employees own their field of expertise, they develop commitment, passion and focus on the fine balance between quality and cost, which translates into better results and happy customers.

Real Teamwork

We succeed at our job when we enjoy working as a team. We appreciate and value the differences among us and understand that each member of the team contributes to our success and creates a great working environment. A team that works as a real team achieves more and guarantees the quality of the work with efficiency.


We consider humility to be one of the most important qualities of any professional, and it is fundamental to our internal cooperation and working dynamics within the company, as well as with our clients. We encourage our team to share their knowledge and teach as much as possible to other members and clients, and we all welcome new ideas and solutions.


Much of our effort to serve our clients goes to being open and actively listening to their needs, requirements and problems. We are very good at identifying challenges and tackling problems with different approaches and an open mind. We truly believe that by solving problems with a systematic yet creative approach, we can develop new techniques and solutions that will serve our current clients as well as future ones. We see problem-solving as part of the optimisation process of our work and improvement of our skills. Therefore, our team is made of curious, creative and constantly evolving professionals with ever-growing expertise in different fields.

Workcrew Scandinavia AB is a member of the non-profit association POLKRONA


We are professional building contractors and recruitment specialists in the construction industry. We have earned the trust within the markets we operate and industry. We want to develop our business and teams and grow our client base through the quality of our work and efficiency of our services.


We promise to our clients:

  • Guaranteed services
  • Professional services of the highest quality
  • Professional staff
  • Client-focused approach
  • Responsibility and diligence
  • Hand in hand work with our clients
  • Meeting clients’ expectations


Our company culture is based on fundamental values such as:

  • Passion and Flexibility
  • Superb Value for Money
  • Responsibility
  • Real Teamwork
  • Humility
  • Problem-solving